Mr. Paddison established Impact Analytics as a result of his 15 years of experience as CFO/CAO of several large nonprofits.  Throughout his career he has been focused on using data to drive improvements in all disciplines of nonprofit management including finance, program operations, human resources and board governance.

"I believe that every nonprofit has the ability to improve its operations through data analytics but simply lack the resources to commit to undertaking the project.  I started Impact Analytics for that reason.  I believe that we can lead nonprofit organizations to increase their capacity to impact lives. In that way, we can help to make lasting change in this world.

I have a passion for this.  I believe that as nonprofit organizations, we have the obligation to maximize the impact of every dollar that we

  • Quantifying each organization's unique outcome measures;
  • Creating systems that generate actionable information;
  • Implementing data-driven decision processes;
  • Promoting accountability through data transparency; and
  • Providing support for continuous improvement efforts.

Years of Nonprofit Experience: 15
Position: Founder & CEO

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LEADING nonprofit organizations to grow their capacity to impact lives by:

receive, regardless of the funding source. The days of output-based reporting are coming to an end with outcome- and performance-based measures increasingly becoming the norm.

Donors are increasingly looking for an increased Social ROI; Government agencies are looking for outcomes; Boards are looking for measurable impact.  An analytics platform allows an organization to not only respond to these increasing demands, but it provides for a competitive advantage when seeking new funding opportunities.

At Impact Analytics, we are excited to lead nonprofits into the era of data driven management, knowing that every organization we help increases the number of lives that are changed."